Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Silk Ikats of Central Asia: Art Gallery of NSW

Yesterday I visited the Art Gallery of NSW to view their latest exhibition, Silk Ikats of Central Asia.

While it was a small exhibit, the displayed items were extremely beautiful, and very inspiring for my work!

The embroideries, colours, detail, patterns, prints, and textures were just simply stunning, and it truly is amazing how much work is involved in each piece. It is astounding that each and every piece was created by hand, and it really inspires me to want to create more hand worked pieces.

I would recommend this exhibit to anyone who is interested in or enjoys needlework/craft, printing, fashion, costume, cultural and historical backgrounds.

After viewing the works at the gallery, I returned home full of inspiration for my latest Penelope Red designs! I am hoping to base my latest designs and next photo shoot on these costumes, colours, bold embroideries, and exotic jewellery. It will be quite exciting to see it all together, and I can't wait to show you!

Please note, not all images displayed in this post are from the gallery exhibition. Some of the images I found on the net.

The shape of the Penelope Red Hooded Coat is perfect to reflect the robes, the mini skirts I have made so far reflect the bold colours, and the textured embroideries.

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