Thursday, September 17, 2009

Handmade by my Mum!

In the previous post, about Tabou Restaurant, I was wearing a lovely white cardigan.

This isn't just any cardigan. This cardigan has been hand knitted by my one and only Mum! Isn't she amazing!?

I have received so many comments on this cardigan, so I thought it was only fair to show you how beautiful it truly is.

I get so much of my creativity from my Mum. She was a dressmaker for many years while I grew up. I have many memories of waking up on Christmas day with a new party dress to wear, and friend's parties always meant an excuse to come up with a new outfit! Yes... I started early with the craze!

The one past time that I have not quite grasped yet, is knitting. I have tried it before, but I guess time has diverted me to other tasks. My whole family now gets in line to ask my Mum for a new hand knitted cardigan or jumper. It keeps her busy!

Mum made this cardigan for my birthday this year. She made it over a couple of months.
I am waiting to confirm the pattern number and brand, if anyone is interested. I will post as soon as I can.

The amazing thing about a hand knitted garment, and most people don't realise this these days, is that if you look after them (i.e. hand wash them), they will last for a life time- literally. I have a twin set, that my Mum knitted when she was 15. My Mum is now in her late 60's, and the twin set is still worn by myself regularly- and I still receive comments about it!

Twin-set pictured above and below... not bad for a 50 year old garment, hey!

One of my most treasured pieces of clothing is the crochet top pictured below.

I love this so much because my Grandmother (my Mum's Mother) crocheted every single piece of this top. She first made each and every little round segment, painstakingly making each one! Next, she had to place them together, to make the top, but the pattern was of no use; so my Grandfather sat with her, and he held it in place, while my Grandmother crocheted each piece together, to make the now beautiful garment.

It was made for my Mum's 18th Birthday. They don't make them like that any more, do they?!

Many times people have offered me money for this top, but I will never part with it, until I can pass it onto someone else who loves it as truly as I do. I think my beautiful white cardigan will have the same fate!

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