Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Penelope Red Bohemian Kurti

This is the latest style that I have been working on... The Penelope Red Bohemian Kurti. I call it a "Kurti" as part of this style was inspired by the traditional Indian Kurti.

I was mainly inspired by the beautiful braid which has been sewn to the centre front and sleeves- this is a vintage braid which I have had for a number of years, just waiting for the right moment to use it!

As the braid is vintage, it is very hard for me to tell what exactly it is made from. It is metallic, and can be hand washed. I have pre-washed the braid before attaching it to the fabric, to help prevent the dye from running.

The garment shown in these photos is the first I have made of this style, and I love it! I might change the sleeve though... I will keep the width and length of the sleeve the same, but the braid will either be placed on top of the sleeve (rather than at the under seam) so you can see it better, or I will simply attach it all around the hem of the sleeve.

The white fabric is a very soft and light cotton sateen. It has a slight sheen to it; a polished cotton.

You can wear this style with or without a belt. The choice is yours! I am personally more inclined to have a fitted waist on most of my outfits, but for some reason, this style seems to look good either way!

I think this is a great style to wear with jeans to go shopping. You could wear it to the beach with a skirt, or out to a restaurant with an elegant pair of pants. The possibilities are endless!

The below photos were taken at The Rocks Markets, last weekend.

I will be making this style in two sizes. This is the small size- which fits a size 8, 10 or 12- and the large size, which will fit a size 14, 16 and 18.

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