Friday, December 11, 2009

The Penelope Red Vintage Tulip Dress: A new style

The Penelope Red Vintage Tulip Dress is a new design... I finished it last week.

The dress is made from two different prints. The print around the bust is a printed cotton- white print on cream background. The print placed around the waist and skirt is a gorgeous vintage screen printed cotton blend, featuring bright and bold large flowers in various colours including orange, yellow, peach, green, and aqua with a navy blue background.

I found the vintage floral fabric in an antiques store, amongst the clutter! I love bold prints, and this print was screaming out to me, "take me home!"

The shape of this dress is the same shape as the Penelope Red Pop Dress, pictured below.

Even though it is from the exact same Penelope Red pattern, it is amazing how the different fabrics create a completely different look. Also, swapping the contrasting waist (as it is in the Pop Dress), to the contrasting bust area makes the waist and legs look longer as well. I still like each dress as much as each other- but it is fun to mix it up and create different looks!

The back has an invisible zip to that starts from around the bra line- down. The back is actually open from the top of your bra and up; it gives you a bit of breeze around your back on those warmer days. A large orange button fastens the back around the neck and another secures the zip.

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  1. Love that floral fabric! Nice find and put to wonderful use as well. :)