Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Style: The Black Rose Red Dress

Introducing the latest Penelope Red Style! The Black Rose Red Dress!

I wore this dress out in the city last night, and I felt so glamorous, but yet so comfortable and practical! I think I have found my latest favourite dress to wear!

The reason why it is so comfortable is that the dress is made from a bright red rayon/elastane knit. The fabric drapes beautifully, there is no need for ironing (except for maybe sometimes around the neckline after you have washed it), and the dress has a full skirt falling from the waist (which is still made from the knit fabric), so you can eat as much as you want, and never have a tight waist band.

The reason why it is so glamorous is basically because it is a very classic shape. People at the markets say it is a very 30's and 40's shape- an era of fashion which I love!

This dress is meant to show off your figure, and mainly your waist; there are six pleats that are evenly divided around the front waist, and then six pleats around the back waist. They then fall out below your waist into the full skirt. I think because the pleats highlight the bust and waist so much, I decided that a modest boat neck would be best- and I think it balances out the hips and full skirt nicely. As it is coming into winter, the 3/4 sleeves add some extra warmth.

I only have enough fabric to make 10 of these. I have already sold six of them too! I basically have run out of fabric, and my wholesaler is not making more in this colour. I will be however making this dress in a black with cream lace, and perhaps a turquoise green with black lace.

I will be selling all of these dresses at The Rocks Markets in the coming months.

Each dress is slightly different to the next as I have hand stitched the lace on each individually in a random fashion. They all have it placed around the boat neck.

If you would like to enquire about this dress or the coming colour variations, please email me at

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