Friday, May 14, 2010

Project Reconstruction

I have been invited to compete in an online charity auction for CARE Emergency in Haiti.

My design is below:

The competition, named Project Reconstruction, is organised by the Canadian online bi-monthly magazine, Viva La Moda.

There will be quite a few designers involved. The design brief: use a men’s business shirt in your design, and make something wearable from it.

The design of the silhouette is actually one of my biggest sellers, the Penelope Red Wrap Around Halter Top; this style is flattering on so many figures, is versatile, and adjustable, and since we were auctioning this on the internet, I thought all of these factors would be best to apply to this design.

Above is pictured the Bohemian Sari Halter Top, which is available to purchase in the Penelope Red etsy shop.

Look below to see how I made this one-of-a-kind top:

Once we were given the design brief, I knew exactly what I wanted to create. Since we were told to use a men's business shirt, I wanted this to be the focus of the design, and use as many elements as possible from this.

What the original shirt looked like...

I used bright blue silk for the lining of this top.

I thought the most interesting part of this shirt was the collar and the colours in the stripe, so this is what I kept.

Above and below, sewing the collar in place.

Once I applied the collar from the original shirt to the top, I then exchanged the original cream buttons, for black buttons- I think they really make a statement against the stripe. I was going to apply a few pieces of randomly placed black lace, but it didn't add anything to the overall design.

I think this design is chic and elegant, and I could see it being worn with a great pair of jeans or a pair of hot black pants, some heels and some chunky jewellery.

The auction will be online, and run through ebay. Subscribe for free to Viva La Moda magazine so you will be notified instantly when the competition starts.

All proceeds go to the CARE Emergency in Haiti charity, and it would be fabulous if you could all tell everyone about this wonderful idea.

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