Monday, August 23, 2010

Feedback for The Penelope Red Silver Floral Corset Dress

A lovely customer (Leticia) from Pennsylvania, in the USA, asked me to create a Silver Floral Corset Dress so she could wear it to her daughter's wedding.

I am hoping to receive photos from Leticia soon, from the day. For now, I have attached a few images of me wearing a copy of the dress.

Leticia made my day today, as she wrote some wonderful feedback to me:


I have to tell you that my daughter's wedding was the most wonderful night of my life. We celebrated the event in a big way and the memories are wonderful.

I have to thank you for the dress. I told you it made me feel like dancing when I tried it on...and did we dance! I cannot say enough about the craftsmanship of the dress. It was impeccable! Not only did it fit well, but it was the most comfortable item of clothing I have ever worn! If anyone is thinking about getting this dress, they should not hesitate! I did, but am more than glad that I had it made!

I paired it with some pewter shoes, and at the church, a pewter scarf (my daughter wanted my shoulders covered) and received so very many compliments on the dress! Thank you for making the night so special!! I will remember you if I need another special dress!"


It makes me so happy to read about other people having unforgettable moments while wearing my designs!

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