Friday, August 20, 2010

Photos from Aroma Festival 2010

Although these photos are a little late, I thought I would share with you my day at The Aroma Festival 2010, at The Rocks Markets.

The weather was beautiful, the Sydney backdrop was stunning, and the food and entertainment great. A really fun day out in the city.

I probably stuck out like a sore thumb in my Penelope Red Black Rose Red Dress against everyone else wearing the usual jeans, but I try to tell people, jeans are not comfortable, but yet people insist on wearing them to every lace they go.

I love my red dress, it is so comfortable, elegant, and easy to wear! Besides, I don't want to look like everyone else anyway!

I am a big tea drinker- don't really like coffee, so we had fun trying the different tea varieties, buying some chilli sauces, and I had an amazing cupcake! I love my sweets!

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