Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Valentino Exhibition and Our Queensland Holiday

My husband and I recently had a holiday in Queensland, and he took me to visit the Valentino exhibition in Brisbane- isn't he a sweetheart?!

Such a beautiful inspiration! So many amazing gowns and outfits to drink in and admire... I literally didn't want to leave... I wanted to just sit there amongst them all and stare!

Of course, I couldn't, and unfortunately the exhibition catalogue book is sold out, but I may just have to purchase it from amazon.com!

You weren't allowed to take any photos inside the exhibition, so the following photos are from various websites, including the brisbane times, and abc news. Please take a look at thier websites for more images. You can also see the Valentino exhibition image gallery on the Gallery of Modern Art Website here.

After the exhibition, we had dinner at a lovely restaurant in the Gold Coast, named Verve. Great service, fantastic wine selection, beautiful food, and lovely atmosphere. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys modern Australian cuisine, and who wants something completely different to the tourist-trap offerings in Surfers Paradise. I think that was probably the best part about it- Verve was clearly a locals restaurant!

Oh, and I couldn't help myself... being a fan over the top-ness, I had to visit the Versace hotel... I think my kimono (and me) fit quite well there!


  1. amazing frocks!!!! you look hot too Pen - so super skinny! HOpe you guys had a good time. We must plan a day to catch up over xmas. Al and I in sydney from 18th - 28th DEC. Can't wait to see you guys and intro you to Stella Bella.


  2. Hi Al! Yes please- lets catch up- would love to see Stella Bella! That mini skirt I have owned since I was 18... I like to try it on atleast once a year... If I still fit into it then all is right in the world!