Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ms. Red Flashback part 7: photos of my previous work

All that Jazz Dress
- a one of a kind design. Made from a stunning bright blue silk, sequinned lace and tassling. I guess I just wanted to try something different!

Another one of a kind design, handmade by myself, this time the Disco Nights black catsuit.

The Red, Black and White corset- the above photo is probably one of my favourites that my friend, Anna has taken of me. I think the corset, the angle, and the cloudy sky fits the mood perfectly.

Above, the Nouveau Silk Dress. I bought this fabric in Scotland, and I loved it!

Above, the Aqua Gathered Neck Blouse- such a versatile top, and very easy to wear.

When creating the above dress, I really really wanted to try something different! This dress is made from one continuous piece of fabric, pleated and shaped into a cowl necked dress.

The Disco Nights Catsuit has bust pieces in a contrasting sequinned and gold stretch fabric, as well as a random applique of this fabric that sits under the bust.

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