Friday, April 15, 2011

The Paris Cowl Neck Top in Navy Blue and Red Jersey

I finally got my act together yesterday- I was inspired by the beautiful weather and thought it was a good opportunity to take the much needed photos of the latest Penelope Red designs.

Besides... it is a perfect excuse to get all dressed up, put on the make-up and feel glamorous even while being at home!

So, I can now introduce to you The Paris Cowl Neck Top, handmade from a jersey knit fabric in Navy Blue and Bright Red.

The style is based on the popular Pink Candy Stripe Cowl Neck Top, just in different colours.

I originally planned to add a random selection of white buttons to one side of the cowl, but people seem to like the top the way it already is, so I have left it. What do you think?

When taking the photos, I really like wearing it with the Olive Hathor pants- I know it isn't what you would assume would look great with it, but somehow it works! I like how the top tucked into the pants has a more vintage look to it, rather than worn with just a pair of jeans, but as they say... each to their own!

The red cowl neck on this style is quite dramatic and has a full drape, while the navy blue body creates a slim silhouette.

Whenever I design my styles, I always think about what would flatter the female shape the best. There are too many designers out there who seem to forget about flattering the female form, which I guess this is why I aspire to the old-fashioned designers, rather than to the new. They simply knew how to dress a lady back then!

I guess you could say my Paris Cowl Neck Top is yet another design that I have adapted from a vintage inspiration, and made it a modern design. Wear it with jeans and ballet flats for a modern and casual look; wear it with a high waisted skirt or one of my High Waisted Pencil Pants and heels for a vintage twist on a modern design!

You can buy the Paris Cowl Neck Top online in AUD (Australian Dollars) or USD (American Dollars).

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