Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Penelope Red now available in Design-A-Space, Melbourne

A HUGE announcement to make! My Penelope Red designs are now available to buy in Melbourne!!!

They are stocked in the indie designer boutique, Design-A-Space, on Chapel Street, Windsor.

As you can see, there is lots of colour in my display- I wouldn't have it any other way!

And I think the big Penelope Red sign at the bottom, and the smaller one at the top finishes it nicely!

Some of the designs stocked in Design-A-Space, Chapel Street shop include:

The Black and Gold Judith Dress, The Liberty Flowers Wool Bolero, The Black Rose Red Jersey Knit Dress...

The Brown, Cream, Orange and Yellow Wool Pallas Athene Jacket, the Emilie Asymmetrical Blouse, the Ornage Sphinx Blouse....

The Black Rose Jade Dress, The Oriental Red Cherry Bolero, and the Silk Road Winter Dress.

More designs are in stock in the Melbourne shop, and as they are sold, other designs will be added to the shop.

My Emerald Green and White Winter Coat came in handy in the afternoon. The photos above and below were taken on my way to the museum to see the King Tutankhamen exhibition. I was walking through this park, and the autumn leaves against the bright green grass were calling out to me, saying "photo moment!"

Through out the day, three people asked, "where did you get that coat from?"- so business cards were given out, and I told them a little about what I do.

I started to want to sell because every time I went out, people would ask about my designs, and ask that exact question (because even when I wasn't designing full time, I would still wear my own designs).

Above, I am standing inside the Design-A-Space shop, next to my designs. I am wearing one of my tailored winter dresses, which is a similar style to one of the dresses in stock at the shop.

New Penelope Red swing tags for each and every design!

Outside the shop, on Chapel Street.

Bag packed and ready to head down to Melbourne- my big Penelope Red sign makes it look so much more professional- don't you think?!

Now I hope Melbourne likes what I have decided to show off to them!

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